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Energetic Transmission from my 3 Dolphin Joy Guides

Monday, 12.2.13(Sagittarius New Moon)  During a mid-afternoon meditation, Beautiful Phia,(my daughter, who is now across the veil) emphatically told me to write this evening….

I, at 9PM, chanted ‘OM’ a number of times.
The flow begins:
Ci-nan -- are the writings I was told would come, Here now? (referring to a dream statement a few days earlier)(Ci-nan is a masterful Star Being from the 'Crab Nebula', who  has communicated with me previously from what is called The Red Book).
Are they connected with the Red Book?

It is the Nature of the Universe...

It is the Nature of the Universe to tell us about ourselves.

The Moon & Stars sing cellularly all night.  They sing & sing, the rise & fall of the interconnected waves...
Allow this through ~~ Light Joy/JOY LIGHT.  Increase the pheromones of scintillating compassion.  Open & let In.

Love From The Stars

The New Waves of energy are 'galacting into port' ~  Another sweet messagefromthe Dream Space.  We are the 'ports'.....

We are being gifted with beautiful, high vibrational living light energy from the Stars and Planets.  These are vastly intelligent Beings with other Beings living upon them.

You are invited to breathe in, open and receive ~~ Scintillating star resonance, reminding us, if we choose, from where we came.
We are all connected
                              We are all connected

Energy, Vibration, Consciousness

We are multidimensional Beings.  Create the Great Star Circle Wheel ~~~

Dream Messages

Hello Everyone,
Given that this is the most amazing time to be alive(in my opinion) I am sharing dream messages I receive.  If you'd care to comment, please do so.
We are moving into an incredible time of heightened vibrational frequencies as the planets are changing with their new alignments, allowing us to come in to a more expansive connection with the multi-dimensional universe, if we so choose.  We are being given much help to let go of any stuck place(s) and move into deeper connection with our true, divine selves.
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