Harmonic Pulse - Relax, Renew, Rebalance, Revitalize

                    'Current Classes'
   June 20 - July 25, 2019
No class on Thursday, July 4
            Red Rose Inn & Pizzeria             *** 10:00-11:30AM ***             

Jacki Millay/513-405-1514
    COST: $50.00/Pre-registration
          Discount to $40.00 ~
  $15.00 ~ One-time only drop-in fee             

New Fun Additions:  Two Red Feathers In the Hat of the Sun
             Book Signing/Poetry Readings ~
   Please enjoy purchasing the book on         www.Amazon.com;     www.Barnes&Noble.com;   www.BalboaPress.com/bookstore

To Register: Please use the 'Contact Form' to email me. I will send any flyers you're interested in.

            ~ Upcoming  Classes  
             June 20 - July 25, 2019
   No class on Thursday, July 4 ~
   5 Thursdays ~10:00-11:30AM
      @ Red Rose Inn & Pizzeria
           5915 Hamilton Ave;
          Cincinnati, OH  45224
    Please park behind the bldg.;
    Enter through the back door
                 5 - classes/$50.00; 
          $40.00/ preregistration discount 
                   by June 19, 2019     
       Drop-ins - $15.00/class(Thurs)
              One time only payment
INSTRUCTOR: Jacki Millay/513-405-1514
COST: $50.00/Pre-registration
               Discount to $40.00 ~

So Very Kool! Feel your inner light(s) SHINE!

"The most profound medicine is within..."
         Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD

              ~~ FEEL THE BENEFITS!!

           You are welcome to join us as we continue cultivating relaxing, and fun, energetic ways to be more in touch with joy, balance, and harmonious energies. 
We are enjoying great stress-relieving postures that remove toxins, and restore a sense of calm.

         Here I am leading class at my final level for IIQTC Instructor certification.  We're doing TaiChiEasy(TM).  Great place to feel/experience Qi(Chi), and absorb resources from nature.


"I would place Qigong/ChiKung equal in importance to the incredible discoveries in the forties called antibiotics and in the fifties called immunizations."  /Dr. Bill Manahan, Univ. of Minnesota Medical School.


          "If you want to live to 100, practice      
                    Dr. Mehmet Oz

TaiChi is an ancient movement meditation.  The Qi/Chi is your vital life force energy.  The slow dance circulates the Qi/Chi, in a relaxed manner throughout your entire system.

"...Having a relaxed spirit is the secret to longevity", 105-yr. old TaiChi Master  Wu Tunan.




"I feel much better after class, than I did when I first arrived.  When I end a practice at home, my body and my mind feel much more peaceful."  Qigong/ChiKung participant

" I look forward to learning about living energy, and practicing new movements each week.  The classes are enjoyable and empowering!"
TaiChi participant
"'Lift The Chi Up/Pour The Chi Down' reduces the frequency and the depth of Parkinson's Tremors that I experience in my throat and in my right hand."  Lou Ruman, Qigong/ChiKung participant

"What a great way to use your body energy to achieve inner peace & stress relief in our busy world!  I learned many new movements to achieve these goals.  The ones I will use most  are:
1.) Lift the Chi up/Pour the Chi down.
2.) Relax with the Chi ball.
3.) Touch Heavens/Heavens rush in.
4.) Spine Twist.
5.) Butterfly Dancing.
6.) Talking to Heaven & earth.
7.) Tracing the Meridian Cycle.
Overall, the sessions were fun to be a part of and I learned some new stress relievers that I will use for the rest of my life."   Pat F., ChiKung student

    Call Jacki with questions or complete a custom form submission:

  I am adding Sound Healing to the wellness services.  This will be in a variety of forms, eg. chanting, light language, toning, and *** tuning forks!  These are intended and aligned with opening the heart/mind union for greater joyous flow, and an expansive sense of joy, relaxation, connection, healing! 
Give it a try! 

                    My first book: 
TWO RED FEATHERS IN THE HAT OF THE SUN ~      www.facebook.com/@TwoRedFeathers

  Yeah!!!  The updated version is now available.  The energy from the Sun is more and more present, beaming its love, softly, from the pictures.  Know that you can meditate with this book.  It is living, energetic, photonic love in soft cover form!

**Book signing/Book & Mediumship Reading**

  Please contact me if you're interested in creating this event in your home. Also, you can purchase your book(s), directly from me.  I will be happy to sign it!

Where:  TBA

513-405-1514 for further information
My beloved, Phia, and I are a 'team'.  After reading from the book, I will deliver messages from, 'across the veil', as well as whatever intuitive guidance comes through, to interested participants.    

             By Jacquelyn Millay
I felt prompted to share the poems and photos in this book after a wonderful, sweet visit from my daughter, across the veil. This happened on December 20, 2014. Phia, my daughter, and I have been communicating since the day of her funeral in 2007.
The photos are energized with the Sun's love for all of us. These colorful, orb-filled pictures began happening around the March 2014 equinox.
I've been studying with the Itza Mayan Elder, Hunbatz Men, and have a living, loving relationship with the beingness of our Sun as a "mystic educator." The groundwork for this was well established during a cross-country, sacred pilgrimage in 2011, with Hunbatz Men. The connection here is that Phia was with us, in spirit, during this celebration of anchoring in the new Sun's new energies.

Wellness and Private Qigong(ChiKung)/TaiChi sessions~Pricing:

There are 1.5 through 6-pack discounts listed below.
If you purchase any size pack, it must be used year-to-date of purchase.  
1 session/60 mins.   @ $66.00 ~~   

1.5 sessions/90 mins. @ $99.00 ~~  $88.00

2 sessions/120 mins. @ $132.00 ~~ $122.00

3 sessions/180 mins. @ $198.00 ~ $176.00
 4 sessions/240 mins. @ $264.00 ~ $233.00

 6 sessions/360 mins. @ $396.00 ~
$352.00($44 discount)

I take cash/money order, unless you are a continuing client or I know you.  Then, checks will be fine.

Yes, I HAPPILY do  remote/long distance sessions as well.

Call Jacki with questions at 513-405-1514.
 These wellness sessions are located at:       
     4251 Hamilton Ave,
     Cincinnati, OH, 45223           
  Qi/Chi Classes/Workshops located at:
  *Harmonic Pulse Wellness Studio
     College Hill, OH   45224
**** Red Rose Inn & Pizzeria
      5915 Hamilton Ave.
      Cincinnati, OH 45224

Beautiful SunLove gifted to us on the Equinox, Sept. 22, 2014.
The original ideogram for the 'CHI' was  representative of the sun.  We need the sun for life.
The 'CHI' is the breath/lifeforce energy/Spirit in & of all life and the entire Cosmos.
Recently, I completed a wonderful, fun, inspiring, profound training with Dr. Roger Jahnke.  Listed below are two upcoming trainings being offered.  Please check into www.iiqtc.org/www.feeltheqi.com for a wonderful, informative, comprehensive website dedicated to Qigong(ChiKung) & TaiChi.
Also, check Youtube/Roger Jahnke for some wonderful video instruction of Qigong(ChiKung) and TaiChiEasy 5-form.
Enjoy the flow!

  If you're interested in further training to become a teacher/facilitator of TaiChi &/or Qigong(ChiKung):  Contact the website above &/or contact The Healer Within Foundation for the TaiChiEasy/Integral TaiChi training information. 


    It could be a whole new life for you!!

  "Simplicity, patience, compassion.  These 3 are your greatest treasures.  Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the Source of being.  Patient with both friends and enemies, you accord with the ways things are.
Compassionate toward yourself, you reconcile all beings in the world."
La Tzu, Tao Te Ching

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