Harmonic Pulse - Relax, Renew, Rebalance, Revitalize
I'm wearing my ceremonial shawl and holding my quartz crystal skull.  These are sacred and important components of infinite energy resources I call upon.      Welcome!!  Rather than Flight, Fight, or Freeze,
Live Life  AS  Flow~
Are you looking for relief from pain; new tools for being with stress?  Are you desiring more energy, higher vibrations, wanting to feel more alive?  Would you like to feel/experience self-love/self-acceptance/self-compassion?  Would you like to connect more deeply with your angels/spirit guides/Higher Self?  I am here to support you in whatever you need.

Harmonic Pulse Wellness sessions can incorporate a synergistic blend of crystal layouts, Usui/Egyptian/Karuna Reiki, Qi(Chi) Transmission, Emotion Code, EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique), Mediumship, Shamanic Journeying, Quantum Touch, Angel card readings, *Sound Healing*, and more.  The overall intent of each session is to allow the deepest infinite support of your current wellness desire/intention.  You can experience deep, calming relaxation; recharging of all systems into harmony and balance; and, a release of endorphins ('feel good' hormones).  This can strengthen the adrenals, revitalizing/recalibrating your body's overall functioning, and sense of well-being.

You may also choose to have a full session with just one modality in particular.  Each of the above mentioned systems is a 'stand alone' energetic practice. 
Please join me for a Divinely Guided Energetic Channeling and uplift.  Allow yourself to open, and deeply experience the 'spontaneously arising' Ocean of unconditional love, harmony, the quantum field of oneness....the vastness we come from....  And, that we actually are!

   FYI ~ More information on the above mentioned modalities ~

Usui/Egyptian Reiki ~ 'Reiki' ~ Japanese word for 'Universal Life Force Energy'.  Dr. Mikao Usui developed this healing technique.

Egyptian Reiki ~ Sekhem/Seichim ~
Sekhem ~ Refers to 'Unity Consciousness'.
Seichim ~ Refers to electrical blue Pleiadian healing energy for multi-dimensional/Star Being wisdom support in the healing process.

As a Master-Teacher, I've been attuned to use certain 'symbols'.  In a session, a person's system can be brought into/opened to deeper relaxation as well as allowing a healthier energetic flow. 
The analogy of choosing different channels on a radio for different styles of music can be offered here, for a sense of using different symbols for different healing overtones, applications, and effects

Emotional Freedom Technique ~ EFT ~ tapping on the ends of certain meridian acupuncture points while focusing on an overwhelming/persistent feeling/emotion.   Can bring great relief, relax the entire system, rewire the brain towards less stress and healthier responses to life situations.

Quantum Touch ~ Focused dynamic flow of cosmic energy that can be helpful for occipital ridge, neck, vertebral/spinal, hip alignment.  Can reestablish healthy, natural, relaxed flow throughout the body.

Mediumship/Divinely guided energetic/intuitive Channeling ~ messages from deceased loved ones/angels/Higher Self

I also am an academic 'Coach' in these areas & with these age groups:
Five years through adulthood
MEd in special education with advanced training working with those with academic difficulties ORTON Gillingham &    
Lindamood-Bell trainings 
Can specifically target
 reading acuity
 comprehension skills 
writing basic sentences 
sentence structure/grammar 
creative writing
 in terms of math
Number recognition number sequencing
Learning the four math operations
Word problems 
algebra one
Basic geometry/Shape recognition
 geometry up to ninth grade

Look around our website.  If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.     C 513-405-1514/H 513-541-4900     

The Wellness Session are located at: Contact me for full address
                                                                 Harmonic Pulse Wellness Studio
                                                                   College Hill, OH 45224
  See Events Page   *******

I also teach ChiKung(Qigong)/WuChin/Yang Style long form/TaiChiEasy(TM) classes, private sessions, & workshops.  The workshops are from 3 to 4 hours long.   Attending one can provide an experiential, meditative means of gathering, storing, and circulating vital life force energy(Chi/Qi), through a set of relaxing, restoring, exercises(Kung).  Most frequently, the form of TaiChi I teach, is TaiChiEasy.  This form was developed by Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD(My current instructor).  He developed this 5 or 9-Form, following the ancient Chi principles for the modern lifestyle.  I'm happy to teach the other styles of TaiChi upon request.
The study of the Chi(Qi) and the development of the Kung(exercises) to maintain this energy's harmony and flow is one of the important branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The theory  is that an imbalance/disharmony in the yin/yang energies is the cause of illness/dis-ease.  Learning the slow, graceful movements of ChiKung &/or TaiChi helps you to reestablish and maintain your energetic balance.  This increases your abilities to respond to stress with flow/as flow.
   Call for an appointment &/or for ChiKung/TaiChi classes/workshops/private sessions.                                                    513-405-1514

       " It's like a dance of healing".  Cyndy Klosterman, ChiKung/TaiChi participant  
      "Jackie is the 'real deal'.  I call her the 'Angel Whisperer'".   Dr. Ellen Bierhorst, Holistic                                                                           Psychologist/Alexander Technique Teacher
'Medicine in Motion'
~~~~ Qigong/TaiChi 2020 ~~~~
5 Classes:  Feb. 17 - March 16,2020
Where: 4251 Hamilton Ave., 45223
When: 10:30 - Noon (Mondays)
Price: $50.00 at the door
Pre-registration discount to $40.00
$10.00/class; $15.00 first-time drop in 

All levels welcome; please bring full water bottle
Let 2020 be the year to embrace your healer within.  Flow with peace, calmness, new vitality.
Contact me: 513-405-1514              

     ***   I'm delighted to have private classes or special arrangements.  Contact me so we can co-create what you desire.  Thanks ***                                        

 *~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*~~~*                          Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to host this event in your home.         This also includes intuitive/mediumship readings!!                 

New Fun Additions:  Two Red Feathers In the Hat of the Sun Book Signing/Poetry Readings ~
                          Book Signing/Book-Message Readings ~ TBA 
                   Please enjoy purchasing the book on www.Amazon.com;    
                   www.Barnes&Noble.com; www.BalboaPress.com/bookstore; contact me. 
                                             I will sign your book!
                                    Stress less ~ Smile More!!
                                   ** I am so excited to share a new addition to the Harmonic Pulse Wellness services.   I 'm incorporating tuning forks, bells, and chimes into these sessions! 

Sound is vibration as are we!  Whether toning, singing light language, chanting, or using tuning forks, all of our cells respond!
                                     Enjoy the discovery of the magnificent, vibrational you in an entirely new way!


  TaiChiEasy(TM) is an adaptation of the ancient, movement meditation.  It is a form of Qigong/ChiKung.  The slow dance circulates the CHI, in a relaxed, calm manner throughout your entire system.  Scientifically, it's been shown to put you in your 'Alpha' brain waves.  This releases 'feel good' hormones, expanding you into joy and calmness.
  TaiChiEasy(TM), is a 5-form practice.
    *Experience the Field of Unconditional Love/Harmony/Nourishment
     * Using purposeful breathing, aligned posture, gentle movements, and present focus, we will bring our systems into balance and harmony.
     * Feel the gentle benefits of self- applied massage.
          Qigong/TaiChi 2020 ~~~~
5 Classes: Feb. 17 - March 16,2020
Where: 4251 Hamilton Ave., 45223
When: 10:30 - Noon (Mondays)
Price: $10.00/class; $15.00 first-time drop in 

All levels welcome; please bring full water bottle
Let 2020 be the year to embrace your healer within.  Flow with peace, calmness, new vitality.
Contact me: 513-405-1514   

              *******See events page for locations/further details



TESTIMONIALS/quotes to contemplate:

"Thank you after the energy we raised at the last class I had a big get together Saturday and it was incredible so much positive vibe. I was floating for two days".  Sek Viebrooks

"It's better than drinking beer".  TaiChi participant

" I look forward to learning about living energy, and practicing new movements each week.  The classes are enjoyable and empowering!"
TaiChi participant

"I feel much better after class, than I did when I first arrived.  When I end a practice at home, my body and my mind feel much more peaceful".    ChiKung student

"...Having a relaxed spirit is the secret to longevity", 105-yr. old  Master Wu Tunan.

" I look forward to learning about living energy, and practicing new movements each week.  The classes are enjoyable and empowering!"    TaiChi participant
"If you want to live to 100, practice ChiKung."  Dr. Mehmet OZ

Recently, Michelle Obama tried TaiChi, and found it to be a wonderful practice.

Please see Harmonic Pulse Wellness Events page for further details.

                      5 Organ Sound Healing/SelfApplied Massage 
Join us: 
Event Location:  TBA
Instructor: Jacki Millay; MEd, IIQTC Teacher www.harmonicpulsewellness.com/513-405-1514
Cost: $50.00/Pre-registration
               Discount to $45.00 ~  
                     Repeats are half price  
In this beautiful, relaxed environment, we will learn gentle, playful, and profound, vibrational sounds that resonate with each of our 5 paired organ systems 
(According to traditional Chinese medicine)
     These are once secret, ancient Daoist* teachings, now being shared today.  Along with this, we will experience the gently powerful, ‘Haola’ practice.  Chanting this ancient Chinese word activates your healing potential!  Join us to open, allow, and receive the flow of radiant, joyous, vitalizing energies for your happiness and well being.

‘Haola’ (How – lah)
‘Hao’ = ‘all is well & becoming better’
                                                  ‘la’ = ‘so be it/And, so it is’.
            *Daoists = Persons who practice the way of Nature & the Cosmos in harmony and balance.
  Join us for some gentle chanting, & simple movements that really get the Qi/Chi flowing!

IINSTRUCTOR: Jacki Millay, M Ed, author, artist, IIQTC Teacher/TaiChiEasy  Leader
www.harmonicpulsewellness.com.                             To register call 513-405-1514

                          Please call me with any questions ~~
                                     C 513-405-1514
                                       Set your Vital Force ~~~ Love flows
                                      The Breath ~~ Treat it like Gold/God

Recently, I completed a wonderful, fun, inspiring, profound training with Dr. Roger Jahnke.    Please check into www.iiqtc.org/www.feeltheqi.com for a wonderful, informative, comprehensive website dedicated to Qigong(ChiKung) & TaiChi. Also, check Youtube/Roger Jahnke for some wonderful video instruction of Qigong(ChiKung) and TaiChiEasy 5-form.
Enjoy the flow!

  If you're interested in further training to become a teacher/facilitator of TaiChiEasy, Integral TaiChi &/or Qigong(ChiKung): Contact the above website as well as the HealerWithinFoundation. 



Ancient Chinese philosophy honors the Mind-Body-Spirit connection and values simplicity in daily life. Lao Zi says, "In pursuit of average goals, every day something must be gained. In the practice of the Way of Harmony, every day something is given up. When you align with natural forces, nothing essential is left undone."
When you align with natural forces by conscious cultivation of your vital energy or Qi, it can have profound effects on your body, mind, and spirit. Qigong, also known as Chinese Yoga, combines self-care with self-realization practices, by integrating movement, posture, breathing, and awareness into a 'moving meditation.'
Ancient shamans and immortals AND contemporary quantum scientists of longevity and transformative energies agree that cultivation of Qi — Qigong — is one of the most eloquent forms of mind-body practice, empowerment, mindfulness and energy medicine.
In this Qigong retreat, awaken personal healing and open the gateway to transformation with Healer Within™ Medical Qigong and 9 Phase Integral Qigong™, Qi cultivation practices correlated with the powerful framework of the 3 Treasures. The 3 Treasures – Jing, Qi , Shen – are the theoretical foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine and philosophy and the amazing practices of Qigong and Tai Chi. These 3 Treasures represent body, mind, and spirit -- aspects of our being as well as the Earth below, the Heaven above and the richness of our own Life between Heaven and Earth.

The Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi is a Licensed Continuing Education Provider in the State of California for the Board of Registered Nursing.

                       Zaztun Stone
     Mystery love substance from the Sun.  Feel it!

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                      Come back soon!    §§§

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