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Messages on Peace from Weichika 12/10/2013

Tues. 12/10/13
Dear Red Book,  I invite in whomever needs to appear today ~ My beautiful Soul Parents, Lord Sananda & Lady Nada are here.
In floats, the presence of Weichika, my beautiful white humpback whale.  She comes oozing with salty, soothing, peace pulse and invites me into her left eye.
Gently, I portal through the middle(‘pupil’) area, feeling already totally calmed, relaxed…so being held, nursed, nourished, by this Divine Mama.  I settle into this space by what could be an ‘epiglottis’ under a spout hole.  I welcome the presence of the huge Tome of this omnidimensional Red Book.   Which, is already written in the ‘NOWNESS’.  It’s my gift/task/assignment to bring it in here in ‘our‘ time. 
The most soothing beautiful voice(my sweet whale) begins to speak.  The encoded black ink energetically appears across the pages ~~ very cellular/atomic, alive.  Off to the right are my Soul Parents, smiling and nodding with encouragement as I proceed with this gift writing.

Weichika(W):  “ Know your Beingness as Peace ~ From the ‘heart core’ of Creation ~ the ever-present pulse is peace.
Please energize angels cosmically everyday.  You choose this incredibly divine empowerment as the gifting of your daughter“.(referring to Sophia).
“Her expanding energy will reveal, more and more, the sharings felt.”
A HUGE hand is presented, and a sticky goo(white, sappy type of resin is over the little twigs of a nest) ~ “Everyday, the return of this ‘Maternal’ Cosmic energy is coming through the veil; all for the humans’ assistance. As they choose, from the deepest wellsprings(infinite & ever-giving) in their sacred heart centers to open to/invite in this nesting space to remember/reawaken/reenliven the magnificent peace from which they came.
 Weichika pauses, feeling as if she is inhaling/exhaling slowly and deeply.  I feel my left arm being further encoded with more information. 

Interesting change of scenario:  Weichika rolls over, and ‘suns’ her big, huge beautiful white belly, while I, internally, am undisturbed.  She is showing me a scar from a human’s wounding to her, in 3D time, possibly within the past few months.
 Somehow, I am able to open my hands, as, now, I’m out there with her(as well as inside recording).  I bring in the most amazing healing energy. I tone the Sacred ‘OM’, tracing huge figure 8s over this.  I’m saddened by this ‘hurting’ to her.  The healing continues for some minutes, until the scarring  recedes.  There are beautiful tiny, tiny, vibrating golden pearls(as if with swirling honey) that are forming a huge figure 8 around the once scarred area. 
 I continue to OM, as all the pearls are distinctly ‘set’ into energetic space.  ‘Honey’ fills in the spaces between them.  I sense/feel Weichika smile….so warm and tender.
W: “All healing, she reverberates to me, comes from Peace.  All healing, in the deepest, deepest ways, comes from that knowing/that reconnection to the entirety of the Peace Beings we all are.  I, Weichika, represent that powerful force field radiating this peace, also spelled as ‘Love’, also, experienced as ‘Joy’.’
 W: ‘I awaken, with the Pulse you now feel, all who read this….into the bone marrow/cellular knowing of that Peace.  Breathe this throughout your being, all its layers, all its fields, and recognize, as you will, that we are all one.”
I pause to ‘Wow, wow, wow’ this in and through me.  Beautiful Sophia’s platinum, Divine feminine energy infuses here as well.  Again, I sense a smiling Weichika.  She has rolled over, spouting up into the heavens, spouting now throughout our continually forming world these precious, precious energies of joyous, loving peace.  Lightbeams, swirling flames, many beautiful angelic beings are appearing, accenting these energetics.
This is a glorious  rainbow ~ pulsing completely over/throughout this visionary space.  My crown, then all chakras, major and minor, take this in.

Weichika asks, “Do your feel complete for today?” 
Internally, I put my left hand over my heart, bowing to her with a silent nod.  Blowing her many kisses and huge hugs, I’m gently lifted to ‘swim’ out of her right eye as the Red Book is closing.

Weichika: “THIS IS CHAPTER 77.  Feel the number from Divine Creator’s Embrace to you“.

Bowing to all the beauty transmitting and receiving this.  Much love to my Phia.  Though I miss you, you are indescribably aligned in the most magnificent way.  I so appreciate your help and am so honored.

With Love,  Jackie(Golden Serpent of the Golden Rose)

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