Harmonic Pulse - Relax, Renew, Rebalance, Revitalize
                   ~~~~ Jacki's Blurb ~~~~

It is my desire to provide you with a wonderful opportunity to bring your well being to the next level; to support you in releasing stress, pain, anxiety, burdens in general.  I offer a connection with infinity so that you may step into your own infinite, cosmic oneness, and the gift of who you are.

I am trained and certified in a number of energetic modalities including: Crystal Healing, Crystal Surgery I & 2, Melody Crystal Healing, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Egyptian Reiki Master/Teacher, Quantum Touch Practioner as well as being an Ordained Minister.
I've been practicing TaiChi/ChiKung since 1978, and have been teaching since 1996.  I've studied with Linda Bennett(Master Lee), Kenneth Cohen, China Scholar & Master ChiKung Instructor, Master Chunyi Lin.  I've learned from Al Huang, David Carradine, Al Simon, Donna Eden/Dr. Melanie Smith, Dr. Daniel Cardona.     
My present instructor is Dr.RogerJahnke,OMD(www.iiqtc.org/www.feeltheqi.org).
From this range of teachers, I've synthesized a wellness instructional format that quickly allows the participant to feel the calm, relaxing strength of a deep Chi connection any time, anywhere.
As a member of the Board of Directors of the Cosmic Mysteries School, we work with indigenous elders such as, Mayan Elder/Solar Priest Hunbatz Men; Chief Golden Light Eagle, and others.  Among our goals is the desire to empower people with the awareness, experience, and knowledge of their own Cosmic 'Minds'.  We can be, as consciousness itself is, harmonious, vast, and multi-dimensional.
Most recently, I've learned from Laurie Reyon, Dolphin and Whale Medicine; Jamye Price, Jarrad Hewett, Anrita Melchizedek, Julie Dittmar and Matt Kahn.  All are excellent, multi-dimensional healers/teachers/high frequency carriers.  What a joy it is!!!!

After retiring from 24 years of teaching, I'm delighted to be with all of these energetic learnings, and magnificent expressions of this new time we're blessed to be living in.  

                  We are all vibrational beings.  We are all connected.
                             May we flow with ease and joy.

              Let 2016 be your year to be fully empowered as all you are.

5743 Nahant Ave.                          3901 Clifton Ave.   
Cincinnati, OH 45224                    Cincinnati, OH 45224

Mon - Weds - Fri: 1PM - 4 PM
Tu - Thurs: 5:30PM - 8:30PM                    Sat/Sun:  Closed
One of the renewing, balancing phases of the Egyptian Reiki, is the harmonizing of the upper and lower energy centers throughout the spine.  This allows pain and stress relief as the body returns to its more optimal state.                                               

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